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On September 3, 2003, Corporate Communications held a presentation of a new line of Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Over 40 journalists from major business and specialized media, TV channels and glossy magazines attended the event. The presentation was both information-intensive and very bright, starting with an original defile of Sony Ericsson flagship innovative phones T230, Z200 and Z600. Glamour models with body art paintings and concept dresses on them demonstrated the phones that were then put into hi-tech style ice installations. Colorful illuminated ice crystals served as a perfect background for mini phones and were highly appraised by press photographers.

The defile was followed by a brief presentation of the new products and a review of newest trends in mobile imaging. Speakers included Vladimir Lezhak, CEO of Sony Ericsson Russia and Belarus, and Andre Weitzner, product manager for Sony Ericsson Central and Eastern Europe. Journalists posed about 20 questions to the speakers, mainly focusing on fun and entertainment accessories including game controller Gameboard EGB-10 and a small racecar Bluetooth CAR-100 controlled with the new Z600 mobile phone.

In addition to previewing new innovative products, journalists had the opportunity to handle new phones and to use the QuickShare Bureau (QuickShare is a unique option giving users the smartest, fastest and easiest way to take and share images). After taking photos of the participants with T610 phones, within a few seconds the QuickShare Bureau staffers sent the pictures to specified e-mail addresses or as MMS messages, so that the guests could share their 'visual emotions' with their colleagues and friends right at the party.

The interest towards the new products and the wish to have a word with company representatives were so great that the journalists even set aside the traditional standing buffet. Not until they 'extorted' all the necessary information from speakers and thoroughly examined all new gadgets did the reporters approach the buffet tables. The final highlight of the evening was a lottery with prizes from Sony Ericsson, of which the main one was the T610 phone with the QuickShare option. Photo session of the event is available here.