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"With confidence and optimism we assert that Public Relations have become a powerful and integrated business tool in Russia. This site is intended for the people who share the same language with us, for PR managers and top officials of advanced Russian and international companies operating in Russia. We work with machinery, metallurgy, oil and gas industries, high-tech, financial, pharmaceutical and FMCG markets. Our principle is long-term cooperation with the customer from development of PR strategy to permanent support and maintenance of the image. We would like to invite you to our world full of creative ideas, dynamic interaction, search for and creation of new senses and values - the world of reputation technologies.

The range of our services also includes Investor Relations (IR), the services that are currently in their formation stage in the Russian market. Corporate Communications is undoubtedly one of IR 'pioneers' and leaders in Russia. Our experts have considerable operational experience in this area, as they worked for Russia's largest investment companies, successfully implemented IR projects for a Russian IPO on protection of minority shareholders' rights, and developed credit histories. IR services will certainly find a big market in Russia.

Welcome to our website and be our guest, companion and customer!"

Andrei Ivanov,
CEO, Corporate Communications Agency